Participants: The competition is open to all designers. The candidate must be one specific person.

Submitted pieces: It is imperative that the pieces are completely new and presented by their true designer. Any copy or reproduction will be excluded. The dimensions of the piece must not exceed 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm. Pieces must be composed mainly of ceramic.

Registration, candidacy and payment (50 euros) to be carried out online.

The jury will choose participants based on online registrations.

Personal file for registration must be made up of:
1/ Entry Form
2/ CV in French or English
3/ 3 digital photos showing different views of competition pieces to be entered
4/ Any other supporting information, non-compulsory, sketches, notes on intentions (in JPEG form).
5/ Registration fees (50 euros, non-refundable) are to be paid by Paypal
     (no obligation to previously hold account).



All incomplete and non-conformal applications will be rejected. The work delivered after the registration must correspond to the submitted digital photographs. Participation implies acceptance of the rules and respect for the schedule.

The selection committee will preset about sixty participants among these on-line registrations. The selected works will be sent or delivered at The Douai School of Art. Return of the work, by post, upon request, will be made using the original packaging. The work can also be brought and picked up by participants. The organiser declines all responsibility for any and all damages to the work that may occur during transportation. The organiser declines also all responsibility for damages resulting from uncontrollable events.

Every selected artist will see sound (his) work (s) exposed(explained) (s) to the school of art of endowed and reproduced (are) in the catalog. He(it) will receive a copy of the same catalog.

All selected works will be presented at an exhibition at the Douai School of Art. They will also be presented in the catalogue. Every selected artist will receive the catalogue.

Among this preselection, the jury will reward about forty works which will be exposeded in second timeto in La Piscine, André Diligent Museum of art and Industry.

A single prize, in the amount of 2,500 Euros, will be awarded during the preview inauguration and the award-winning work will become the property of the organiser. The winner of this prize will also benefit from a personal exhibition.

All participants selected must authorise the school of art, and its partners, to publish the selected entries, their names, identities and photos for the informational and promotional purposes and by any and all means of communication (newspaper articles, brochures, catalogues, exhibitions, newsletters, invitation cards, public events, etc.) without any time restrictions.

For this reason, participants must authorise the school of art to take photographs and/or videos of them and copies, graphical representations, photographs, etc. of the submitted works.

Works that are sold during the exhibition cannot be removed until the end of the competition.
There will be no commissions collected on sales.